Bill Williamsonon tour in Australia

I just went to a rally in Cairns. There were about 2000 bikes. I would have had 30 to 40 people come up and want to see my camper trailer. They loved the way the bikes fit in and the rooftop tent sits on the bracket. The slide out kitchen was a hit too. It was great to set up and terrific to sleep in. Cairns was hot, but with the windows open above the ground, I was just right. I didn’t need air conditioning or heating. There was a $360,000 Winniebago next to me and the owners said that it was like a sauna inside without air conditioning going all the time.

The lighting kit was fantastic. It met all my needs. One couple came and hopped inside the rooftop tent and liked the idea down the bottom for a change room/toilet/privacy. Another fellow brought his father to have a look and make one themselves.

I had no problems to and from Cairns. It all went really well. A couple were in an OzTrail Camper. Every morning, it was like a shower inside because of condensation. They wanted to know if mine had condensation and I said no. Mine was dry as a bone.

It was very easy to set up. On the way up, I just set up the roof top tent. Ten Minutes to set up and about the same to fold away the next morning.

The annexes provided great shade and extra cover for the bike. I still haven’t put the walls on the annexe yet. Didn’t need them. I’m really pleased that I paid the extra and bought a Howling Moon. Makes all the difference to feeling comfortable and I’m not worried if it rains because I know it’s a quality tent and will withstand anything. I went to a swap meet in February in Toowoomba. There were 80 to 100 km winds. Saturday and Sunday, it just blew. My annexes and tent were standing and didn’t tear or blow away. Many others (not Howling Moons) were torn to shreds.

I hope you don’t mind, but I gave your name, number and website to all who asked and I’ve given out all the fliers that you sent me.

I haven’t quite finished the trailer yet. I’m going to put solar panels on it and a large water tank underneath.

My wife calls my trailer “Billybago”.

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