Peter and Florence Jones

I ordered our Lunar rooftop tent from our local dealership quite some time ago.

Since then, I have never looked back. Its extremely easy to setup, and fold away.

In the hot blazing Kalahari sun the canvas is still cool and we chose ours with the orange and white tones. We don’t often camp in winter, but I must say that our last trip to the Cederberg was still nice and cozy.

We’ve had our Lunar Rooftop tent for about 3 years now and we still take very good care of it.

We only mount the tent when we depart for our camping trips, and it removes easily off the roof racks when we put it in the garage.

We haven’t needed any after purchase service and our tent still continues to work perfectly. The fibreglass exterior is a lot lighter than any aluminium competitors. So this really was a bargain.

Both me and the mrs’ love our adventures. The only point of contention is where we should venture to next!

Jacobus Johannes

I looked at a few options before ordering my 270-degree swing arm from Howling Moon, and I still believe I’ve made the best purchase. Some of my camping friends bought inferior and cheap awnings, which suffice to say…each time something breaks, I still to this day get a smile of glee which is very shortly followed by “I told you so”.

Ive had mine for the last 2 years and its still in immaculate condition. There is no mould or discolouration on the canvas, its extremely easy to unfold and pack away and the poles are still straight as arrows.

I am thinking of upgrading to the 4 arm 2.5 metre awning…. But that’s only because ill be upgrading my Landrover to a Prado for better reliability and less oil leaks in my driveway.

Thanks for making a great product Howling Moon.

Or as my kids pronounce it… “ Hoooooooooowling Moooooooooon”

Pat and Mike Ealing

We received a gift from our son last Christmas which was the Lapa canvas and poles.

My husband and I scoured the internet before without any luck, so we were really relieved to get this present. Since then, we have ordered another 3 and I have to say they make a great barrier around our caravan at Christmas and Easter time. It helps with some local privacy and to prevent the kids and other wild animals running through our campsite.

Great product, certainly a camping must-have and most definitely recommended. We also use it when we head to the South Coast, Durban.

Melissa Villiers

We bought our Stargazer rooftop tent 3 years ago. After many trips through Southern Africa, it still looks and feels like a brand new tent. Highly recommend Howling Moon tents.

Pieter Jooste

What a difference the 270 Swing Awn made to our overlanding journey’s, being able to quickly set up some shade is a life saver. 10/10

Tshepo Bongi

Decided to buy 4 ammo box covers to protect not only the boxes but also my vehicle. Definitely worth the investment.

Matthew Scott

Bought a safari gazebo two years ago and has withstood the test of time in the African sun.